2015 Wine Predictions

Rosé took center stage in 2014, Malbec stayed mainstream and a consumer craze continued for more champagne, prosecco, and anything with a general fizz. Outlooks for what’s abuzz in wine country for 2015 are all over the board: from international bidding wars to the waxing and waning in popularity of specific growing regions. Here is a list of some of the most poignant predictions we will raise a glass to:

Sauvignon Blanc in the spotlight…

SauvBlanc loyalists have perfected serving this chilled throughout the summer months, but this is the year it will make its way to the table throughout the year.  The rise in lighter diets has led to an increase of vegetables and legumes –nicely paired with the varietal. Raise a glass to California elegance and embrace summer nights throughout the year.

Rosé is rising…

In recent years, the negative stigma surrounding rosé has gone to the wayside, and sales of the blush colored wine are solidifying the message that rosé is not to be taken lightly. Sales have been steadily climbing year after year. Once a literal after thought to wine makers who didn’t directly set out to produce rosé—it was made from the left over juice after a red wine pressing—wineries are now focusing on the rosé as a product of its own, and with its new found high production value, comes its surge in popularity. Also contributing to rosé’s turning of heads is its versatility due to nice acidity, low tannins and nonexistent oak characteristics (it’s typically aged in steel barrels). It can pair well with red or white meat, and sweet or savory dishes, as it tends to take on the flavor profile of the food it is matched with. To top it off, rosé is also a very affordable wine, with prices generally ranging around $15 or less.


It’s time for merlot to lose this negative stigma. It’s a good wine and 2015 will be its year to shine.