Best Wine to Win with your In-Laws on Thanksgiving

We all know the true meaning of the season: to impress the in-laws. It takes two parts of a dinner to create a winning combo, the wine and the food. While Whitehall Lane may have little to do with the latter, there’s a certain bottle of wine we can suggest to bring optimal taste to your table.

The 2014 Las Brisas Vineyard Pinot Noir brings out the complex flavors of nearly every Thanksgiving course. Its elegant aromas and flavors don’t overshadow dishes, like some jammy or dry wines. Rather, the tart acidity of cranberry, violet and lavender draw out the juiciness of the turkey, no matter how you choose to prepare your bird.

The smooth tannins in this varietal bring the best out of green side-dishes, like beans and salad. Gravy and stuffing are also quite the match for the earthy flavors of the Las Brisas Vineyard Pinot Noir. The true silky flavors of pinot noir emerge at around 60 to 65 degrees, so take a few minutes to allow the bottle to chill in a refrigerator or ice bucket before appealing to your father-in-law’s palate.

When it comes to in-law points, dessert counts almost as much as the main course. Treat them to a rich and decadent experience with a bottle of our 2009 Belforte. The Belforte is fortified with exceptional high proof brandy, which lends it exquisite sweetness. Pumpkin and pecan pies are a great pairing with this dessert wine.

So this Thanksgiving, set the table in your best linens and china, baste the turkey, blanche the spinach, and uncork a bottle or two of Whitehall Lane wine. The in-laws might just show up the following weekend wanting more.