How to accessorize your wine

While the beauty of wine is in its flavor, the right wine accessory can make your experience even more enjoyable.  Whether you prefer to have a stemless glass or straight out of the bottle, these are our favorite finds when it comes to drinking wine.

Everyone needs a wine rack. We like this one because it saves space but still has a rustic classic feeling (not to mention room for a lot of wine).

The perfect wine holder for parties, this is great way to label and display so your guests know what they are enjoying and where it is from.

Not a spill in sight. What picnic is complete without wine? Toast your companion and enjoy your food knowing your wine is secure.

Coasters that will stand with your glass the entire time, never leaving its side (or bottom).

We all have our favorite pair of shoes and our favorite vintage. It was only a matter of time before the two joined forces.

A wine opener is the must have accessory. Whether they are fancy high tech openers or silly fun parrots from you can’t get very far without one of these.

Save the rest for later with these artsy wine stoppers from

Whether you prefer to go glitzy or cute the options are endless for wine charms! These little gems will ensure that you know which glass belongs to you alone.  We found these at

Tip me over and pour me out. Pour like a professional with this Trudeau Wine Pourer from

We don’t get much snow in California but we always appreciate a well dressed bottle of wine.

Another item we recently found and love is cotton cocktail napkins for wine parties. They feel like linen, come in cool colors, and are on a roll.  You rip them off the roll as needed, and throw them away after use.

Wine coasters that remind you to see, swirl, sniff, sip, savor and smile. From The Spit Bucket.

These are fun, we use them all the time!

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