How to Ship Wine During the Holidays

When planning your holiday shopping, a go-to item on many people’s list is a nice bottle of wine. It’s quick to pick-up, it’s simple to festively package (tie a bow around it’s neck and you’re golden), and it’s enjoyed by one and all (21 + that is).

Once you’ve figured out the basics: Are they a red or white wine drinker and their preferred varietal, all that’s left is how to deliver. If you’re lucky enough to live in your recipient’s neck of the woods, doorstep delivery is of course the best option. But if like many of us, you have long distance friends and family members to gift to, that’s unfortunately not an option. Since we don’t have the luxury of a sled and flying reindeer on hand, that leaves us with the mail.


Can I Ship On My Own?

Unfortunately, this is not an option unless you are a licensed wine distributor—meaning you have signed a “wine shippers agreement” which is only available to licensed alcohol retailers and wineries. This is a precaution put in place primarily to avoid minors handling/receiving a package containing alcohol.


The Winery Is Your Elf

Many wineries will be more than happy to get that holiday wine in the mail for you, hassle free. A simple phone call will establish great results. Here at Whitehall Lane, you can give us a call (800.963.9454 ext. 19) or shop our website. While Christmas may be right around the corner, we can still ensure that holiday bottle of wine makes it into the rightful hands to help ring in the New Year—and hey, it’s never a bad time to get a bottle of wine in the mail, especially if it happens to be one of our distinguished Reserve Cabernet Sauvignons.


We wish you the happiest of holidays and an amazing New Year!