How to Survive St. Patrick’s Day as an Oenophile


You don’t need a holiday to enjoy a glass of wine, relax and have a good time, but it never hurts to have an occasion. This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate in style – and we don’t mean in head-to-toe green. Here’s your Survival Guide to St. Patrick’s Day as an Oenophile.

1. Wear some green.

Yes, you must wear something in green. Your photos will be worth it, and you will happily escape the overzealous pinching from your green-clad foes. We suggest a simple green tee or scarf for the occasion. Just a pinch of green will do – no pun intended.

2. Be prepared for corned beef and cabbage.

Although not truly as traditional as salmon or lamb Irish feasts, you should expect corned beef and cabbage. We suggest a bottle of our 2014 Napa Valley Merlot or our balanced Tre Leoni Red Blend to pair with your St. Patty’s classic dish. If you are lucky enough to be enjoying an Irish salmon dish, we recommend our 2016 Carneros Chardonnay or for red wine enthusiasts, our 2016 Carneros Pinot Noir.

3. Navigating the Pub–or not.

You may be out of luck at an Irish Pub for a good wine selection, and the house white wine might just be green. However, there’s nothing better than a glass of wine surrounded by people who like to have a good time—without a green beer in hand.