Hungry? Unique Food & Wine Pairings

The art of wine and food pairing is complex and exciting, but trying new things can be overwhelming to many wine drinkers. At Whitehall Lane, we’re always looking for unique ways to enjoy our wines – like with our Cabernet and Chocolate pairings. With spring in the air, it’s time to spring clean your go-to menu and implement some new pairings into your routine. This season, we suggest forgoing traditional pairings (like Cabernet Sauvignon and Filet Mignon) and trying some of our favorite unconventional matches.
Sushi and Rosé
Rosé is more versatile than one might think. We encourage you to experiment with our 2015 Cub Red Rosé, starting with a sushi pairing. This 100% Syrah Rosé tastes of cherry, strawberry and pomegranate that won’t overpower the delicacy of sushi. The depth and amble weight of this wine is the perfect compliment to flavorful salmon, while it’s floral and juicy flavors will nicely cool a spicy tuna roll. If tempura is more your style, our Rosé has a hint of sweetness that will balance the savory flavors of fried foods.
Pad Thai and Sauvignon Blanc
Whether it’s homemade or takeout, Pad Thai is a unique and exciting pairing for our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc. The refreshing citrus notes will stand up against spices and chilies that give most Pad Thai dishes a kick, while the Sauvignon Blanc’s tropical melon flavors pair well with the coconut and lime in your meal. Sip this crisp, clean wine to combat the robust spices and flavors of Pad Thai for a balanced meal.
Mac & Cheese and Chardonnay
Who doesn’t love a comforting serving of macaroni and cheese? Create a homemade version of this kid favorite using a healthy helping of cheddar cheese, and serve with a glass of Whitehall Lane 2015 Carneros Chardonnay. The flavors of French oak in our Chardonnay softens the sharpness of freshly grated cheddar, while the flavor of the cheese brings out the tropical fruit flavors in this wine. This unconventional combination takes wine and cheese pairing to a new level, one that you and your guests are sure to love.
Are you hungry, yet? Pick up a bottle of your favorite Whitehall Lane wine and start cooking. You can find more Whitehall Lane wine and food pairings here.

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