It’s a White(hall) Lane Christmas

It’s almost December and in the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to give to the victims of Hurricane Sandy this year. From one coast to another, we recognize the hardship and the struggle they have been (and are) going through. No one should have to spend the holidays in turmoil.

It’s because of this that we decided to donate to the Red Cross.

In the month of December, every day leading up to Christmas, we will be sending out special tweets about white wine. For every retweet we receive, we will donate $0.25 to the Red Cross.

Look out for our special “white wine” tweets Dec. 1 — 25. Follow the hashtag #whitehalllanexmas to see all of our tweets and get in on the retweeting action.

Please share this post with your friends and family, jump on twitter and spread the love. White symbolizes hope, so let’s celebrate white wine and helping those in need this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Whitehall Lane Winery.



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