New Years Resolutions

Get Fit

Being fit isn’t just about losing weight or building muscle. Being happy with life and enjoying yourself all around is part of being fit as well. At Whitehall Lane, that’s exactly what we would like to do in 2014. Make plans to have fun, enjoy the winery and make amazing wine that we can be proud of.

If we can be so daring, we say that we have one of the most beautiful properties in the area. Keeping it in top notch shape and showing it off a bit keeps our visitors happy and our crew busy. Plus, it’s always a perfect place for a quick stroll to get our minds off of the daily work in the winery. In the new year, our old plants will grow taller and new ones will spring to life keeping the property looking more fit than ever.

Eat better

Nothing enhances the enjoyment of wine more than food! In 2014 we are vowing to seek out and find new foods to enjoy with our wine. Whether it’s a great new cheese or a multi course meal, the perfect bite can bring a great wine to even new heights.

We also want to explore some new pairing for our wine portfolio. Over the years our wines age and some of the vintage bottles may have a new calling for the perfect pairing. Even our newer vintages are complex enough to handle a range of dishes. Maybe we break the rules this year and try some unorthodox pairings, like grilled buffalo steaks with our Carneros Chardonnay?

Reconnect with Family and Friends

That means you! We want to hear your stories, meet your wine drinking friends and share in your enjoyment of great wine. Make plans to stop by the winery and taste through our selection, stroll the vineyard and check out the garden. We have events for the wine club members often, and there’s always something happening at the winery that will make each visit unique.

If you can’t make it in person then connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to chat all things wine and food.

Try New Things

There’s a lot of tradition in the wonderful world of wine. Though it’s not always a bad thing to break the rules. 2014 is a year where we will take a look at everything we do in a new light and see where we can improve. Maybe there’s a better way to share our wines in the tasting room, or a better way to keep all of our wine barrels organized. Whatever it is we will keep an open mind and try new things that will make the Whitehall Lane experience a little better. After all, that’s what the new year is all about- taking a new look at your everyday experiences and working towards making them better.

Cheers to you and yours at the start of a fresh, exciting and tasty 2014!

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