Pairing Chocolate with your Whitehall Lane Wine

Valentine’s Day may be over, but for many of us there remains a supply of chocolates to be devoured piece by delicious piece. These little indulgences create the sweet moments that tide us over as we anticipate the warmer days of spring. Here are a few of our tips for the ultimate Whitehall Lane wine and chocolate pairing.

Bitter Dark Chocolate

With dark chocolates at 65 to 85 percent cocoa, a rich and soft red like the Napa Valley Merlot with plum, blackberry and black cherry flavors compliments darks without being overpowered. The Whitehall Lane merlot blend was aged in oak barrels and has texture and complexity to pair with a rich mouth full of dark cocoa.

Sweet Dark Chocolate

Polished tannins and a silky finish pair nicely with the complexity and rich flavor of sweet dark chocolate. Try the Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon to balance out the bittersweet flavor of 35 to 60 percent cocoa. This wine has a really interesting dynamic with the give and take between the malbec and merlot. It also pairs well with raspberry, cherry and blackberry-filled dark chocolates.

Milk Chocolate

For those classic milk chocolates, try a glass of Las Brisas Vineyard Pinot Noir. Grown in vineyards off San Pablo Bay in Carneros, the pinot noir has a variety of aromas, including tart cranberry, strawberry and lavender. Those smooth tannins are going to pair really well with milky chocolate truffles, barks and bars.

White Chocolate

Whitehall Lane’s Belmuscato made from Orange Muscat grapes adds a citrusy nuance to your chocolate palette. White chocolate brings out the sensation of orange citrus, apricot and honey found in our Belmuscato. The smooth quality of white chocolate pairs well with the spicy aromas and flavors in this dessert wine.

Chocolate covered caramels

Whitehall Lane’s Belforte has a natural sweetness that compliments the best salty, sweet and bitter aspects of chocolate covered caramels. Belforte is aged in oak barrels for nearly two years before it’s bottled and fortified with high proof brandy, making it the ideal balance for a piece of chocolate covered caramel.