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When you come to visit us, you’ll be wowed by the inviting charm St. Helena and Napa County have to offer. We’re so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing places to eat, shop & visit. Next time you’re on your way to see us, check out some of our recommended stops along the way.


Market Restaurant (St. Helena)

Bistro Don Giovanni (Napa)

Bistro Jeanty (Yountville)

Culinary Institute of America (St. Helena)

Barbers Q (Napa)

Morimoto (Napa)

Pizzeria Tra Vigne (St. Helena)


Pearl (St. Helena)

Napa Soap (St. Helena)

Sportago (St. Helena)

Baksheesh (St. Helena)

Heaven and Earth (St. Helena)


Other places to visit:

Health Spa Napa Valley (St. Helena)

Harvest Inn (St. Helena)

Napa Valley Wine Train (Napa)

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