2019 Avec Amis Pinot Noir

$44.00 per bottle   /   $37.40 club price

This Pinot Noir has aromatic layers of wild strawberries, baked cherry pie, anise, cherry lollipop, wild game, and spicebox. On the palate, black cherry jam couples with crème de cassis, mixed berry crisp, rhubarb, and a touch of vanillin. All of these elements burst from this wine with a textured, round mouthfeel and long-structured finish.


A special bottle near and dear to the Leonardini family, Avec Amis translates literally to “with friends”—and that’s the exact purpose for which this wine was first crafted in 2000. Made every year since, a wonderful tradition was born and Avec Amis Pinot Noir became what the Leonardini Family would open and enjoy with family and friends during the winter holidays. With our newest vineyard property in the Petaluma Gap, we chose to make a little more Avec Amis for our Wine Club friends to enjoy and share.  This 2019 offering includes the Swan and Calera Pinot Noir clones aged in six French oak barrels. We hope your traditions now include enjoying this special, limited-production wine Avec Amis!


The Petaluma Gap AVA is one of the newest grape growing regions in California. The region is known for its naturally formed 15-mile-wide “gap” in the coastal range mountains, which pulls cool coastal air in when the inland valley air heats up. The wind comes in from the ocean off Tomales Bay and Bodega Bay, bottlenecks as it travels through the gap, building up speed, and empties into the San Francisco Bay. Whitehall Lane recently purchased the Sonoma Stage Vineyard here, forecasting that this will be a future hotspot for ultra-premium Pinot Noir. 2019 was an outstanding growing year in the Petaluma Gap. Despite a small amount of rainfall in winter and spring, the Pinot Noir grapes in our Sonoma Stage Vineyard developed beautifully. The balanced weather of chilly summer mornings, bright afternoons, and a continuous cooling breeze allowed the fruit to ripen and mature slowly. This long, steady growing season culminated in September when the small blocks of grapes for Avec Amis were harvested.


WINEMAKER: Jason Moulton


COMPOSITION: 100% Pinot Noir

ALCOHOL: 14.3%