2020 Blanc de Noir Sparkling

$55.00 per bottle   /   $46.75 club price

This Blanc de Noirs has aromatic layers of nectarines, melon, Gala apples and brioche, all reaching out from the glass with fine bubble formation. On the palate, the mousse creates a creaminess that follows with pomegranates, rhubarb, wild strawberries, and white peach puree. All of these elements burst from this sparkling wine with a textured, round mouthfeel and long, mineral-driven clean finish.


The Pinot Noir grapes were grown in our Sonoma Stage Vineyard in the Petaluma Gap appellation and harvested by hand on August 19, 2020. The grapes were whole cluster pressed using a gentle Champagne press cycle, the juice was then cold settled and 75% was cool fermented in stainless steel tank while 25% was sent to barrel for a native fermentation. After primary fermentation, the wine was filtered and prepared for “tirage”, meaning it was blended with a mixture of sugar and yeast, then sent to bottle for secondary fermentation (to develop those tiny bubbles!) Each bottle was carefully moved to riddling racks, and slowly and carefully turned 25 times over 8 weeks to clarify the wine and prepare it for disgorgement and corking. To disgorge, the neck of the bottle is frozen, which traps the yeast sediment, then the bottle is opened, and the pressure shoots the frozen yeast out. A “dosage” of sugar and wine is added to each bottle. And voila…. we made a Blanc de Noirs to celebrate and enjoy.


The 2020 vintage in the Petaluma Gap AVA was considered a warmer season than usual for such a cool grape growing appellation. Bud break began in early March, leading to a Spring that had few showers and was relatively dry. Summer was also quite warm and long, leading into a steady Autumn harvest season. The consistent summer weather encouraged our Pinot Noir grapes to ripen on August 24th.


Winemaker: Jason Moulton

Appellation: Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Stage Vineyard

Alcohol: 12.5%