Sophisticated Halloween Party Tips

Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays. It’s a day without the stress, gift giving and ceremony of the other, “bigger,” holidays. It’s easy to grab some friends, food, and of course wine, to celebrate life and have a little fun with it.

Today we share some of our favorite wine-centric Halloween tips and tricks to bring out the best in your All Hallow’s Eve gathering.

The Decor

A good Halloween party is all about the decor and the costumes. While wine themed costumes may be a tough feat, decor is easy! Keep the lights dimmed and use candles and lanterns for light throughout the house. Fill the area with rich dark colors and you’ve got a great backdrop for your event. Turn on some classic monster inspired tunes or play a soundtrack of wolves howling through the house to add some aural entertainment.

Save a handful of empty wine bottles, peel the labels and let them dry. Give them a few good coats of matte black spray paint and top them with white candles for an elegant yet theme fitting centerpiece for the table. Go a step further and stencil pumpkins, spiders, witch hats and skulls in white or red for a little more color.

Baby pumpkins are easy to find, a handful of the white variety will fit in nicely with the candle holders and keep your color theme throughout. Orange pumpkins can also get the black spray treatment and be left as is or carved into your favorite ghoulish design.

The Food

If you and your friends are imbibing, treats are a must. Stay close to the wine theme by offering an array of chocolates and candies that fit well with our favorite libation. Deep red candy apples, hot cinnamon candies, chocolate truffles decorated for the season and white and black candy covered confections will all fit well.

For something a little less sweet, a cheese board full of your favorites displayed on a stone or dark wood board and garnished with dried apricots, cranberries roasted nuts fits the bill nicely. Keep the food light and easy to eat, remember that some guests may have masks, makeup and all sorts of other challenging elements to their costumes.


To liven up the wine drinking at your gathering, why not try a halloween themed blind tasting? Pick your favorite bottles and cover them with new DIY wine labels with Halloween inspired names. Any twist on ghosts, vampires, goblins or ghouls can be worked into a wine label that shows off your creativity and makes the party unique and memorable. Don’t forget to keep a note so you know which is which!

With custom labels there’s no need to bag the bottles. Pass them around and have guests rank their favorites for a winner at the end of the night. If you’re looking to involve the crowd, have them bring their own custom labeled bottle to the party and find a nice gift for the guest that brings the most loved wine.

Another way to involve your guests is to encourage them to decorate their own wine glasses. Either have paint pens at the ready when they arrive or stage a best glass contest and let them decorate before hand. Decorated glasses are a great way for every guest to have a keepsake to remember your party throwing prowess.

The trick to any great party is to keep it simple on yourself with everything done ahead of time so you can enjoy the festivities with friends. Have a safe, fun and happy Halloween!

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