Steak and Wine Pairings


Steak is a perfect meal for any occasion, isn’t it? This protein source is a favorite because of how flavorful and juicy each bite is. However, your steak entree is never complete without two things: homemade sides and a glass of wine. When preparing your meal, each ingredient is important because it brings out a different flavor. This is also true with the wine you pair with your favorite recipe. The first rule in steak and wine pairing is that the leaner meat, the lighter you want your wine to be and vice versa. Review our suggested wine and steak pairings and plan your next meal!

Prime Rib and Pinot Noir

Prime Rib can be prepared in a multitude of ways depending on your taste. Try preparing your Prime Rib with light seasoning to amplify the rich deep flavor of the meat. To complement the herbs, we recommend our 2014 Las Brisas Pinot Noir for something to sip on. Our Pinot Noir embodies a complexity of tangy cherry, strawberry and black currant flavors which will compliment your steak.

Flank Steak and Merlot

Flank Steak comes from the strong, well-exercised belly of the cow, making it one of the toughest cuts of meat. Trying to pair this cut of meat can be tricky because it can be used in a variety of ways, from Mexican fajitas to stir-fry. The best way to determine what to pair flank steak with is to remember this tip: fight big and tough meat with big and tough wine. No matter how you enjoy cooking this steak, we recommend pairing it with our 2013 Leonardini Vineyard Merlot. Our Merlot has plenty of weight and structure to break through the fat of the steak. Filled with aromas of plum and black cherry, this wine will compliment your steak’s versatility.

Filet Mignon and Cabernet Sauvignon

Not all steaks call for a powerful, high-tannin wine. Classic Filet Mignons don’t have enough fat to soften the flavor profile of tannins, therefore a wine with lots of tannins can cause your steak to lack flavor. The Filet Mignon is a great lean beef embodied with a rich, buttery texture you can taste in every bite. With such a subtle and flavorful protein, our 2012 Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly because of its silky smooth finish and balanced palate of tannins.

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