Vote for Whitehall Lane Winery!

We debuted our 2009 Perfect Union Napa Valley Red Blend wine on Independence Day and we are now featuring it again, on behalf of Election Day. May the best wine win!

Okay…so we’re not on the ballot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place your order. Whitehall Lane Winery invites you to enjoy a bottle of our Perfect Union red blend in honor of this great country we live in and our love affair with good wine.

Perfect Union is sure to please both political parties, whether you are red or blue. However, we don’t recommend bringing up any political issues while enjoying it or you might end up with some broken wine glasses!

So get out and vote on November 6th and then celebrate with us afterward. We will all be raising our glasses to the end of all those obnoxious political ads.

Click here to purchase a 6-pack of our 2009 Perfect Union Napa Valley Red Wine

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