What our fans are listening to this summer…

Last month we ran a Facebook giveaway called “Eat, Drink, Cook, Gather.” Each week focused on one of those words. For the “Gather” themed-week, we gave away a package from SpitBucket to one random fan for answering the question: “What is the best summer song to listen to while gathering with friends & family?” The answers were not nearly as varied as we thought they would be! In fact, a lot of fans mentioned the same song or even the same band. Here is a list of the top 10 songs that were mentioned:

  1. “Red Red Wine” — Bob Marley
  2. “Don’t worry, be happy” —Bobby McFerrin
  3. “Red solo cup” —Toby Keith
  4. “Margaritaville” —Jimmy Buffett
  5. “We are young” —fun.
  6. “Here comes the sun” —The Beatles
  7. “Sweet Home Alabama” —Lynyrd Skynyrd
  8. “Rolling in the deep” —Adele
  9. “Friends in low places” —Garth Brooks
  10. “Summer Nights” —Rascal Flatts

It seems that a lot of our fans listen to country music! Or maybe country songs are best listened to in the summer? Here is a list of 25 more songs that were mentioned but did not make it to the top 10. We hadn’t even heard of some of these! Great variety.

  1. “The prayer” —Andrea Bocelli
  2. “Come fly with me” —Frank Sinatra
  3. “Ho hey” —The Lumineers
  4. “Paradise by the dashboard lights” —Meatloaf
  5. “Let’s dance” —David Bowie
  6. “Summertime” —Billie Holiday
  7. “Tiny bubbles” —Don Ho
  8. “Can’t take my eyes off you” —LAURYN HILL
  9. “Stairway to Heaven” — Led Zeppelin
  10. “Into the Mystic” —Van Morrison
  11. “We are the Champions-” —Queen
  12. “Open Arms” —Journey
  13. “Chupee” —Cocoon
  14. “Summer on the west hill” —Kings of Convenience
  15. “Love me tender” —Elvis
  16. “Smooth” —Carlos Santana
  17. “For true” —Trombone Shorty
  18. “Il divo” —Accora
  19. “Truly” —Lionel Richie
  20. “Are you in” —Incubus
  21. “Mungo Jerry” —In the Summertime
  22. “American Pie” —Don McLean
  23. “Summertime” —Billie Holiday
  24. “Paradise” —Coldplay
  25. “Piano Sonata No. 14 (Quasi una Fantasia) In C Sharp Minor” — Beethoven
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