Whitehall Lane Winery is on Pinterest

Whitehall Lane is now indulging in the world of Pinterest– and offering a few of our “takes” on all the things we love. Here we pin all things Napa, St. Helena, Wine, our winery & more.

If you’re planning a Napa getaway or perhaps yearning to visit our winery, we pin numerous area attractions that will help seal that decision.  Just visit our “A Match Made in Napa” board to see what we’re talking about.

We also have some other fun boards to check out:

Meet the team
This board is all about the Whitehall Lane family, the team members that keep the winery alive and kicking. As we find embarrassing pictures of our coworkers, we’ll be posting them here (just kidding :] ).

Sauvignon Blanc
We’re so incredibly proud of our Sauvignon Blanc. We love it so much, we dedicated a board to all things Sauv Blanc. Because it’s that darn good.

Wine Accessories
Who doesn’t love wine accessories? We pin everything from napkins to wine glasses. Great place to find your next wine lover gift!

Napa casual
Ever wonder what you should wear in the wine country? There’s a whole manner of dress called “Napa casual.” It’s not too fancy, it’s not too casual. Stylish, but not binding. We could go on. Check out our board and add a wine country edge to your wardrobe.

Pinot Noir
Similar to our Sauvignon Blanc board, this one is all about our love for this red grape.

St. Helena
Our winery calls home to this lovely Napa city, but we’re not the only stop worth visiting when you come. Check out this board to see some other places we frequent and highly recommend. Think of it as your insider’s guide to wine country.


Coming soon on our blog: “pin of the month.” Once per month we are going to feature an item or idea on our blog that we find on Pinterest. 

Come follow us and see what intrigues us the most.

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