Wine Tasting: Riedel Glassware

When it comes to tasting wine, the glass you choose can have a much greater effect on the wine’s flavor and nuances than you might expect.

Wine glasses were designed with the intention of bringing out the wine’s nose, by opening it up and letting it breath while swirling in the barrel, and directing the wine across the tongue in just the right places in order to receive an ideal amount of acidic tartness on the finish, thanks to its curved rim.

Not only are there specific glasses uniquely designed to enhance the shared characteristics of each wine varietal—such as a burgundy glass versus a chardonnay—but the type of glassware can also enhance your tasting experience.

Here at Whitehall Lane, tastings in our Club Room are served in our favorite form of crystal stemware: Riedel. When pouring our library wines for visitors, we want to ensure the wines are presented appropriately and that the full flavors and notes on the nose can be enjoyed.

Not only are Riedel’s elegant designs optimal, but also the thinness of the glass used in production is ideal for appreciating the colors of the wine, and the lightness of the glass doesn’t get heavy in your hand.  We are also fans of the long stems that allow for appropriate grasping, swirling, and viewing.

With Riedel glassware, we know our visitors are getting the most out of our wines, and tasting them as they’re intended.

If you’re looking to simulate a Whitehall Lane tasting experience in the comfort of your own home, you can purchase from the full catalog of glasses Riedel has to offer on their website.

Happy sipping!

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