Whitehall Lane Sales Team

Tom Leonardini, II

Vice President, Distribution

Tom Leonardini II joined the winery in 1994 and is responsible for the national and international distribution of all Whitehall Lane wines. He has been instrumental in increasing sales from 15,000 cases to almost 50,000 cases during his career. He graduated from Santa Clara University and also earned an MBA degree from the University of San Francisco.

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Leah Carlton

National Sales Director

Leah Carlton brings many years of wine business experience to Whitehall Lane. She joined the winery in 2014 as National Sales Director. Prior to Whitehall Lane, Leah was with Jackson Family Wines for over 14 years. Her previous position was as VP/General Manager of Valley of the Sun Fine Wines in Arizona. Leah brings strong business, management and sales skills to Whitehall Lane Winery where she directs a national and international sales team.

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Mandy Martinez

Western Region Sales Manager

A native Northern Californian, Mandy Martinez naturally first discovered her love of wine in hospitality. She craved learning all aspects of the industry which led her first to distribution and next to winery supplier thereafter. Mandy joined the Whitehall Lane team in 2021 and brings with her 13 years of experience in both retail and distribution channels as well as her spunk, positive attitude and flair for the world of wine. She resides in sunny San Diego with her family where she enjoys all things fitness, friends, the sun and the sand.

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