Fawn Park Vineyard is located just off the Napa Valley floor on the eastern hillside at the Silverado Trail in St. Helena. This gently sloping vineyard has produced outstanding hillside fruit for more than 30 years.

The vineyard is planted primarily to high-power Cabernet Sauvignon with a small two-acre block of Petit Verdot. The vineyard has excellent draining soils with spectacular sun exposure.

Fawn Park Vineyards owned by Whitehall Lane Winery

The property’s history pre-dates the vines or its buildings. It’s been told that Native Americans mined the neighboring Glass Mountain, camped at the base of this property and turned the mined obsidian into tools and arrowheads. There is a home on the property that was constructed in 1865 with a second story addition made when Judge Chiles owned the estate in about 1915.

A vintage barn pre-dates the house and was constructed in 1905 using timbers harvested from Howell Mountain. Prior to grapes and after the Native Americans left, this property was used as a dairy to supply milk to the St. Helena Sanitarium (now known as St. Helena Hospital). The Hultman Family owned the property from 1928 to 1978, ran the dairy and also raised chickens there. In 1978 Loren Sorenson purchased the land, planted the vineyard, dug a spring-fed pond and continued a small farm for the local 4-H program.

The property is named Fawn Park Vineyard after the road that borders the southern side of the estate. This road was originally the stagecoach road going up and over Howell Mountain to Angwin and Pope Valley.

Vineyard Details (Soil Type and Grape Varietals)

Soil sample at Fawn Park vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon grape sample
Merlot wine grape sample