The Oak Glen Vineyard is situated near a grove of majestic oak trees on the eastern side of the Napa Valley floor. This 25-acre parcel on Silverado Trail is between the towns of Napa and Yountville, close to the Napa River with soils that are gravelly and have excellent drainage to the river. A seasonal creek divides the property and creates a small “island” and secluded grove of oaks.

This idyllic setting has been a glorious homesite since the early 1900’s and served as a vineyard as well as pastureland for grazing cattle. In the early 1900’s Captain Hermosa and Louise Smith bought the property and planted grape vines on approximately 12 acres.

Oak Glen vineyard

Smith was a sea captain who took to farming and lived on the property for over 40 years. In December 1948, Vern and Lucile Stanley purchased the property and continued growing grapes until about 1956 when they pulled the vines and turned the vineyard into pasture to raised dairy cows. They sold the cream to Tomales Bay Creamery located in Tomales Bay, Ca. until the late 1960’s when the cows were sold and the pasture was used for horses. In 1981, a group headed by Jack Goodwin purchased the property, removed the last three oak trees on the north east corner and planted the pasture to Chardonnay grapes. This exceptional quality fruit was sold to Mumm – Napa Valley for their sparkling wine program.

In 1996, the Leonardini Family of Whitehall Lane Winery purchased the property with the vision of replanting the vineyard for their growing wine brand. With exceptional gravelly soils and all day sun exposure, they decided to replant the property to Cabernet Sauvignon on the eastern side and Sauvignon Blanc to the west. They replanted the vineyard in the summer of 1998.

More recently in 2016, two new experimental red grape varieties were planted in the western portion of the vineyard, closest to the Napa River replacing some of the Sauvignon Blanc. This isolated “island” allowed Whitehall Lane to work with UC Davis viticulturists to grow Camminare Noir and Paseante Noir, two varieties that are highly resistant to Pierce’s Disease, which is common in vineyard blocks close to the Napa River.

Vineyard Details (Soil Type and Grape Varietals)

Soil sample at Oak Glen vineyards
Cabernet Sauvignon grape sample
Sauvignon Blanc wine grape sample
Merlot wine grape sample