The Bommarito Vineyard is located on Galleron Road in the Rutherford Appelation of the Napa Valley. The vineyard is approximately 25 acres with soils that are very similar to those in the Whitehall Lane Winery Estate Vineyard.

It has produced outstanding grapes since the early 1920’s when Dominic Bommarito purchased the Rutherford property to plant a vineyard and build a summer home.

The Vineyard is planted to three different grape varieties. The rootstocks in this vineyard were matched to the various soil types, two different spacing and trellis systems were implemented and grape clones were selected to yield ultimate fruit flavors.

Dominic Bommarito was born in Sicily in 1889 and immigrated to the United States in 1903. In the early 1920’s he began construction on his Summer home and moved to this Rutherford estate permanently in 1929 with his wife, four children and mother. He built five additional homes on the property between 1941 and 1953. Many of the furnishings in the houses were acquired from surplus at Mare Island Naval Ship Yard, including sinks and plumming. Dominic Bommarito was a founding member of the Napa Valley Co-Op and farmed his vineyard until his death in 1963. His wife, Carmen Bommarito, tended to the vineyard until her death in December, 1994. Working by her side was son Salvatore “Toots” Bommarito. Toots spent his entire life on the property, working in the vineyard, tending to the properties and establishing “Toots Stories” too numerous to explore. He retired in 1994.

Whitehall Lane Winery continues to call the property the Bommarito Vineyard, recognizing the wonderful history of the Napa Valley, its pioneers and its characters.

Vineyard Details (Soil Type and Grape Varietals)

Soil sample at Bomarito Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon grape sample
Sauvignon Blanc wine grape sample
Muscat wine grape sample