The Leonardini Family purchased the Millennium MM Vineyard in the year 2000—a milestone acquisition in a milestone year. This 20-acre vineyard is located less than one-half mile from Whitehall Lane Winery on the northwest edge of the Rutherford Appellation.

This vineyard has a storied history of producing Reserve-style Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for some of Napa Valley’s notable and distinguished wineries. Historic Napa Valley pioneers like Lori Wood and Andre Tchelistcheff of Freemark Abbey and Beaulieu Vineyards walked this vineyard and made wine with grapes from this site. 

 Starting in 2003, Whitehall Lane began replanting the vineyard. Using a scientifically engineered machine to profile the soils throughout the vineyard, new vineyard blocks were established based on soil criteria. With these results, sub-blocks were created that were planted with ideally matched rootstocks and clones in an effort to grow grapes with optimum complexity and flavor. Each block also has its own irrigation system to meter out water during the growing season. Row orientation and trellis systems were also matched to suit growth and sun exposure. 

Vineyard Details (Soil Type and Grape Varietals)

Soil sample at Millennium Vineyards
Cabernet Sauvignon grape sample