Perfect Pairing for Your Weekend Brunches

Brunch Pairings

When gathering your brunch necessities for the weekend ahead, don’t forget your favorite drink: a good glass of wine. Even though people associate brunch with mimosas or a Bloody Mary, we think that wine can be a great addition to your mid-morning meal. Try out our recommendations the next time you host brunch.

Parfaits and Belmuscato

Parfaits are easy to whip up on the fly, and our fruity 2013 Belmuscato is a must-match with this dish. Fill your parfait with stone fruit, whipped cream and berries, then drizzle with honey for a light and refreshing meal. The sweet fruit of this parfait is a perfect match for Belmuscato’s flavors of orange citrus, ripe peach, apricot and honey. Your light and fruity parfait will be balanced, and your taste buds will be rounded perfectly.

French Toast and Pinot Noir

When you’re craving a warm slice of French toast, pair it with our 2014 Las Brisas Pinot Noir. The French toast is a staple in most kitchens due to the buttery, crispy texture it brings while eating. To pair this dish with our wine, we suggest topping it off with strawberry or blackberry jam. The jam will bring out the layers of fruit flavors, like the tangy cherry, strawberry, and blackcurrant in our Pinot, making this the perfect pair for your brunch.

Bacon and Chardonnay

When in doubt, bacon is always the answer. From the simple eggs-and-bacon plate to a frittata masterpiece, bacon is an essential breakfast component. Enjoy a chilled glass of our 2014 Carneros Chardonnay with your next bacon creation. When you take a bite of the salty, smoky bacon and then sip your chardonnay, its toasty oak flavor will shine in your mouth. The tangy tart apple and lemon finish will leave your taste buds refreshed and awakened, ready for your next bite.

Steak & Eggs and Merlot

There’s nothing like a filling breakfast of delicious steak and fluffy eggs. When enjoying this hearty start to your day, make sure to open a bottle of our 2013 Napa Valley Merlot. The complex and elegant aromas of plum and black cherry will help break down the complex flavors of the seasoned steak and the acidity of the eggs. The Merlot is one of our classic wines, and highly recommended, so it makes a perfect pair to this classic breakfast dish.

Scrambles and Sauvignon Blanc

When deciding on what to make this weekend, a simple egg scramble with veggies and cheese is our recommendation. Mix your eggs with sharp cheddar, crunchy broccoli and rich mushrooms – our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc makes an excellent teammate. The acidity and herbal flavors in this scramble balance well with the wine’s citrusy lemon, tart apple and sweet melon flavors. Start cracking your eggs and open this bottle this weekend.