Health Benefits of Wine

Often times it is easy to lump daily indulgences into one’s detrimental vices. Those that enjoy their java wake-up call or evening “wine down” may consider it a personal downfall. However, daily gratifications of purpose and reward are regarded as life necessities here in Napa.

The age-old advice “everything in moderation” still applies in a sense of overdoing it or eliminating it. On occasion, it’s important to watch the intake. But in a time where elimination diets are all the rage and friends are constantly omitting things they love from their daily life, being happily committed to enjoyments that help balance and please one’s being are worth keeping around.

Some need justification to partake in their favorite pastimes. It’s difficult to argue with tried and proven health benefits that support one’s intake of a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. A relationship with wine is a rich and rewarding endeavor, but additionally there are studies that showcase its positive impacts for those that carry on a love affair with the liquid delicacy.

Here are some of the most recent findings supporting a healthy consumption of Napa Valley’s pride. Cheers!


1. Drink Wine, Live Longer.

In a recent article posted by Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, “light to moderate drinking is associated with lower rates of overall mortality, heart deaths, diabetes mellitus, heart failure, and strokes…” His notes are based on recently released research by the Mayo Clinic, which also outlines the dangers of going overboard.

2. Drink Wine, Get Happy.

A study focused on the correlation of depression and alcohol intake found that low to moderate alcohol intake, specifically related to wine, may actually reduce depression.

3. Drink Wine, Lose Weight.

If a glass is properly poured at five ounces, the caloric qualities are much lower than some of its popular bar-served brethren. At 100-150 calories and only five grams of carbohydrates, those who make the switch from beer or liquor could cut their calories while reaping a slew of other health benefits.

4. Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate, Live Better.

It might sound too good to be true but wine and chocolate (calm down) could actually limit the chances of developing diabetes. In a recently published article in the Journal of Nutrition, the flavones found in chocolate and wine are implied as helping to lower insulin resistance as well as improve blood glucose regulation. Go ahead and cry happy tears of joy now, just don’t forget to pair wine and chocolate with a fair amount of vegetables and herbs, too.

5. Drink Wine, Look and Feel Younger.

Harvard says it’s so! Researchers recently made correlations with the red wine compound resveratrol and the activation of a protein that promotes health and longevity in animal models, essentially treating and preventing age-related diseases.

6. Drink Wine, Understand.

A study last year concluded that resveratrol also helps protect against hearing loss and cognitive decline.


The list goes on. It’s incredible how much research is being done on resveratrol now that it’s more understood. Researchers, those that enjoy and respect wine salute you! On behalf of the millions that appreciate the clock hand swinging to the left, signaling the end to a day of hard work, the proof that wine is an ingredient to health and happiness means that the vice category needs a replacement guilty pleasure. There will no longer be any remnants of wrongdoing at the bottom of a GoVino.

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