Mother's Day

Here at Whitehall Lane, Mother’s Day is a much-anticipated occasion. As we pay homage to the women in our family who have helped pave the way for our Napa roots, our kids and partners know not to intrude on one of the first great outdoor, warm weather celebrations.
An unassuming Sunday in Wine Country, Mother’s Day allows us to raise a glass to one another, to the many generations of Leonardinis and other families at Whitehall Lane who spend so many days at the vineyard, and to the ushering in of summer, usually filled with family gatherings and long, beautiful Northern California days.
To help each of you spoil the women in your lives this Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to picking the perfect blend to go with Mother’s Day brunch, lunch, or dinner. Cheers!
A Refreshingly Bright Crowd-Pleaser
Our top choice for Mother’s Day is the Sauvignon Blanc. A bright, fresh, easy-to-drink wine, this is approachable early in the day with most brunch items. A crisp, light, fruit-forward blend with a clean finish, it’s a wonderfully refreshing glass for warm weather, outdoor get-togethers. At $18 per bottle, the respectable label will pass the discerning eyes of the tough-to-please Monster-in-Law and the host doesn’t have to go broke.
Sauvignon Blanc, like the moms who drink them, is easy to be with, approachable and fun. It’s full of summer fruit flavors and refreshing.
Crisp Fruit Flavors, A Distinct Character With Some Gentle Undertones
This week, wine club members rejoiced at their rights to one of the few bottles of Whitehall Lane’s 2013 “Cub Red“ Syrah Rosé. The full-bodied, smooth finish blend manages to walk the line between dark and bright with style and grace. Why so few bottles? Well, rosés have been all the rage in wine world as of late. Historically recognized as a well-respected summer wine, harboring the body of a red sin the tannins, rosés over the decades became instead known as a cheap, sweet wine palatable only by those who didn’t appreciate a real blend. When vintners revisited the blend with the respect and fervor it deserved, we wanted to join the party. We are proud of our efforts and believe you will be too.
“Cub Red” syrah rosé starts off bright and then carries hints of a true syrah, flirting with the inner limits of a full-bodied red. Lacking the tannins of a syrah, though it lands smooth and begs a second sip. Well-matched with a light spring salad on a warm day or lean meats on the grill, the rosé has a distinct time and place.
Rosés are distinct, some have been known to be oversweet at times but their core, like the women who love them, have a clear understanding of who they are and strive for balance. This Mother’s Day, any wine lover will be delighted at the effort and thought it may have taken to find a bottle of this limited edition offering.
Consistent, Certain and a Little Indulgent
The chardonnay-lovers among us won’t be satisfied with anything else. You would know by now who she is. If she longs for the classic buttery blends, she might salivate over Rombauer and Cakebread. A wine that could stand-alone or match for a creamy pasta as well as fish tacos. Amid a trend to go less buttery in steel barrels, our 2011 Carneros Chardonnay stays true to what chardonnay is best known for: a smooth, creamy finish.
At $28 per bottle, we don’t exaggerate when we say you will make her day when the chardonnay lady knows you know her number. She’ll relax with ease when her palette is quenched with the only wine she truly loves.
The mom who loves chardonnay knows exactly who she is. Unapologetically, she wants what she wants but her impeccable taste and ability to shift seamlessly from morning to night with distinct style makes her irresistible.
You Don’t Know Her But You’d Like To
Daughter’s boyfriends and crushing men, listen up. Dessert wines are neglected. If all goes as planned this Mother’s Day, the woman you’re working to please is having such an incredible day of family and relaxation, she won’t want it to end.  If it’s a group of oft-wine drinkers, most gifters turn safely to a bottle of cabernet or pinot noir, you will be the star at the end who takes the party well into the evening or makes the afternoon by the pool end on a high.
If dinner’s the plan, a port style is best. Bring a couple of dark chocolate bars for her cupboard and you’re part of the family for good.  For a brunch or late lunch, moscato is best. Especially good for the lady who drinks rarely, a dessert wine can be a way to make some wine impossible to pass up.
Graceful, Smart, and Still Light Enough
We don’t meet them often, but some moms just won’t want another bottle of white wine this year. Her Paleo diet, the health benefits, or just her taste has demanded she cut away from the higher-sugars and go strictly red.
A true Pinot Noir is smooth and not overbearing. It allows chefs and diners to drink a fuller wine with a bolder beginning and a gentle finish for light dining and al fresco gatherings. Still slightly refreshing with some earthy undertones, pinot noirs aren’t overpowering.
Like the mothers who drink them, pinot noirs are elegant and poised. Often quiet and understanding, their backbone is undeniable.

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