Sauvignon Blanc Sundays: Summer Party-Friendly Cuisine

For the second part of our series on How to Throw a Sauvignon Blanc Sunday Party, we delve into the edible side of things. What’s a couple of great glasses of refreshing vino on a summer day without something fresh to nosh on? Cheers to a delicious #SBSunday all summer long.

The flavor profile of Whitehall Lane sauvignon blanc — tart lemon and grapefruit, melon unfurling, gusty freshness — pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. That’s especially true of some creamier dishes (whose richness it cuts and balances) and food with spicier, more incisive flavors (whose sharpness it mimics and elevates).

Set out platters of cheese (must have: goat cheese) brightened with grilled artichokes and asparagus as sauvignon blanc ranks among the handful of wines that match well with these vegetables. Other platters might feature mounds of toasted pita triangles or gluten-free rice crackers and, alongside for dredging, ramekins filled with baba ganoush, tapenades, chutneys, and Greek yogurt mixed with chopped fresh dill and other herbs. Bowls of good olives also never come amiss. All these play nicely with Whitehall Lane sauvignon blanc.

The wine also is an excellent partner to more substantial dishes. Think a goat cheese and leek quiche or a tomato tart sliced small for hand-held noshing, chicken lettuce wraps dabbed with sriracha, pasta salad with roasted or sun-dried tomatoes, grilled shrimp skewers or grilled beef sliders. With the sliders, line up a mix of condiments for smearing and swiping.

And whatever you serve, skip the paper plates. Yes, they’re convenient, but not much else. On that trip to the discount store, grab stacks of colorful cloth napkins, mix-and-match plates in several sizes and colors, and several utensil sets. Place these at the head of the buffet table and let guests help themselves. After investing in the tableware the first time, you can re-use it all summer as you celebrate with Whitehall Lane sauvignon blanc.

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