Whitehall Lane in Arizona

Our Winery in St. Helena isn’t the only place to enjoy our world class wines. Many restaurants across the country carry our bottles for you to enjoy in your hometown. Today, we will look at a few eateries in and around Phoenix, Arizona that proudly carry our wines.


Located at 2650 E. Camelback, Hilstone is a popular choice for the dinner crowd. This Phoenix location is one of several restaurants owned by the parent company that carries the same name. A family owned company from the start, the experience at Hillstone carries the same pride that founder George Biel envisioned from the start. Their menu offers a great selection of bistro styled salads and entrees, fabulous burgers and hand rolled sushi. A bit eclectic, as is their wine list. Our 2010 Napa Valley Merlot graces the list by the glass or the bottle.

We would suggest pairing the Merlot with the Barbeque Pork Ribs. The “Cab lovers blend” in the bottle will pair nicely with the smoky sweetness from the ribs. Our Merlot is big enough to stand up to bold flavors which you will find in many dishes from Hillstone. For another option, order up their famous veggie burger and skip the meat for an interesting pairing. They use red beets in their house made meatless patty that has fooled vegetarians into sending it back because it’s too much like the real thing!

The Capital Grille

Housed in a building inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this Scottsdale location features steakhouse classics and an award-winning wine list, The Capital Grille and is a must for your next dinner excursion where you feel the need to be pampered a bit. Their menu is full of steaks and fresh seafood, making it easy to find a great pairing with our Napa Valley Merlot. We suggest ordering the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio to nibble on while they grill your Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops. Our rich Merlot has enough tannins to mellow out the fat in both dishes, while the dark fruit notes complement the slight gaminess of the lamb.

Does your favorite dining spot feature the Whitehall Lane label? When you find it, share it with us on our Facebook Page to make sure your neighbors know where to go to drink the best!

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