Crafting The Perfect Charcuterie Board For Your Holiday Party


Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time for everything Christmas. Christmas music, Christmas decorations and Christmas parties. But planning a party for your loved ones (or co-workers) is so much more than just decking the halls with gay apparel and carving your roast beast. You need snacks, wine, and a touch of class.

Enter Charcuterie boards.

A charcuterie board is an art form. Aromatic cheeses, cured meats, dried fruits, nuts, and crostini all arranged on a beautiful wooden or granite board with endless options of flavors and pairings describe every holiday party-goer’s dream.

Charcuterie boards are also the perfect holiday fare, as they make for a light snack before the main course and pair perfectly with a variety of Whitehall Lane wines.

If you’ve been to our winery you know we appreciate a well designed and delectable charcuterie board. The Leonardini Family have shared some of their choices for an arrangement that will elevate any holiday party.


1) Point Reyes’ Toma, aged for 90 days, has a creamy texture with a mild buttery flavor. Pair this with our Chardonnay if you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas.

2) Cypress Grove’s Midnight Moon from the Netherlands is a blushing, ivory-colored cheese that’s nutty with a long caramel finish. For this cheese, try uncorking our Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. You won’t regret it.

3) Beemster’s X-O is a serious cheese. This Gouda has been aged for 26 months and is revered for its rich flavor and crunchy, mouthwatering crystals that surprise the palate. A serious cheese needs a serious wine, try the Leonardini Estate Cabernet for a truly memorable party.


1) Zoe’s Meats Salami de Cacao – made with pork, sea salt, raw sugar, cloves, cocoa powder and garlic  – is as unique as they come. Pair this with our Estate Cabernet, Mancino or Pinot Noir to highlight the undertones of the wine.

2) Made with with hints of garlic, pepper, salt, and a splash of Pinot Grigio, Genovese Salami is a perfectly delicious addition to your charcuterie plate. Pair with our Pinot Noir, Merlot or Napa Cabernet Sauvignon for a truly delectable experience. Who says Christmas can’t be savory?

3) This Chorizo-dry cured salami with hints of Spanish paprika and sea salt paired with our Pinot Noir will leave you craving more. This marriage of sensory bliss will bring out the mouthwatering and slightly spicy, smoky notes of the salami, while highlighting the luscious flavors of the Pinot Noir.

4) There is no better wine for this Genoa mild dry cured Salami than our Pinot Noir and Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. The salami unearths the fruit undertones of the Napa Cabernet along with the supple flavors of strawberry, cranberry and sweet oak in the Pinot Noir.

Every host needs a strong artillery of cheese and charcuterie options to wow their guests, but of course no party is complete without wine. We hope our recommendations will make your next party an unforgettable one.

What are your favorite Whitehall Lane cheese or charcuterie pairings? We’d love to know!