Wines To Pair With Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkin and Wine

Fall is one of our favorite seasons at Whitehall Lane. We love being surrounded by vibrant oranges and yellows of changing leaves, crisp morning frost and of course, the scents and flavors of pumpkin. Whether it’s a sweet pumpkin dessert or a savory pumpkin dinner, we have a variety of wines that you can pair with your favorite fall dishes. Check out our recommendations and start pouring. Cheers!

The only way spend a weekend morning is with close friends over brunch. To start your fall brunch with a bit of sweetness and a hint of spice, try pairing our 2013 Belmuscato with homemade pumpkin scones. The refreshing orange citrus and ripe peach flavors will complement the sweetness of your scones, while the wine’s spicy aromas will add to the pumpkin spice flavors that fall-lovers desire.

Having family over for a dinner party? Like every good dinner party, you can’t go wrong with some warm comfort food. Sink your teeth into a savory dish and pair with a glass of our Chardonnay; we recommend a delicious pot of pumpkin soup. The toasty oak flavor of our 2015 Carneros Chardonnay will balance out the natural sweetness of a creamy pumpkin soup and will elevate the soup’s traditional spices. Both the pumpkin soup and this wine have a velvety, rich texture that will pair together perfectly.

Sometimes simplicity is everything. Easy roasted pumpkin evokes rich, earthy flavors, making our 2014 Las Brisas Pinot Noir a no-brainer pairing. Our Pinot Noir is ripe and juicy, composed of fruit flavors and tannins. The flavors and aromas of fruits like cherry, strawberry and blackcurrant will balance out the earthiness of the roasted pumpkin, while its tannins round out the dish.

Finally, no pumpkin meal is complete without a warm slice of pumpkin pie. Pour a glass of our 2013 Leonardini Vineyard Merlot to end the night. The jammy red fruit flavors of this Merlot are big and bold, helping it stand up to the rich sweetness of your pie. The structure of this wine will marry perfectly with the delicacy of traditional pumpkin pies, giving you a unique and unexpected experience.

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